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Custom face Mask

  1. Mascarilla personalizada certificada Dlux
    Mascarilla personalizada certificada Dlux

    Tejido tipo Neopreno

    icon talla mascarillas

    Cantidad mínima 15 unidades

    Desde 2,56 €/Ud.

  2. Mascarilla Neopreno premium
    Mascarilla personalizada de neopreno Premium

    Neopreno con ajustadores

    mascarillas a todo color neopreno full color varias tallas

    Cantidad mínima 100 unidades

    Desde 3,91 €/Ud.

  3. Mascarilla personalizada Angel
    Mascarilla personalizada Higiénica Ángel

    Doble capa antibacteriana

    icono mascarillas color y varias tallas

    Cantidad mínima 15 unidades

    Desde 2,71 €/Ud.

  4. Mascarilla modelo gross
    Mascarilla personalizada certificada Gross

    Tejido tipo Neopreno

    icon talla mascarillas

    Cantidad mínima 15 unidades

    Desde 2,56 €/Ud.

  5. Mascarilla personalizada con colgador Kolgar
    Mascarilla personalizada con colgador Kolgar

    Con goma para colgar.

    mascarillas varias tallas serigrafia y borrado

    Cantidad mínima 5 unidades

    Desde 3,51 €/Ud.

  6. Mascarilla Nebul
    Mascarilla personalizada Reutilizable Liriax

    Mascarilla de doble capa.

    Iconos mascarillas serigrafia y bordado varias tallas

    Cantidad mínima 5 unidades

    Desde 2,81 €/Ud.

  7. Mascarilla Homologada Tena
    Mascarilla Homologada serigrafiada Tena

    Mascarillas homologadas.

    serigrafia varias tallas

    Cantidad mínima 25 unidades

    Desde 2,24 €/Ud.

  8. Mascarillas personalizadas homologadas
    Mascarilla homologada personalizada a color Rafa

    Mascarilla Homologada

    Tallas y colores

    Cantidad mínima 25 unidades

    Desde 2,76 €/Ud.

  9. Portamascarillas Kloe
    Portamascarillas Kloe

    Desde: 0.2 €

    Stock: 72,651 Uds.



At ImprentaOnline we don't want to be less, that's why we have started with the production of customizable masks. Due to the recent pandemic alert issued by the WHO, the best way to protect yourself against VIDOC-19 is by wearing a mask. And that's not for us to say, it's for the WHO to say. That's why at ImprentaOnline we make available to all our customers the manufacture of customized fabric masks.

Our fabric mouth caps are not single-use (they are not disposable masks), but are reusable. You will only have to wash them, either by hand with soap and water or by putting them in the washing machine. They are 100% washable and reusable. We have several models available, each with its own specific specifications in terms of certification and approval.

With this, we also want to make it clear that they are not considered as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) nor as sanitary material, but they are suitable for the use of the rest of the population on a regular basis.


The different models are made of different materials and compositions, although they all have OEKO-TEX certification. What does this mean? We verify that there are no harmful substances in textiles or in the manufacturing stages.

This guarantees us a great security, since our printed masks, having this certificate, also guarantee us that they will not have any harmful effect on our health.

If we add to all this the fact that, in addition to OEKO-TEX certification, we have achieved Class 1 certification, it is even better. Class 1 is only granted to all those OEKO-TEX certified products that are suitable for prolonged use in contact with the skin. And it does not generate any kind of stinging or redness.

Both of our models comply with these standards, which guarantees that we can even wash them in the washing machine up to a maximum of 60º without losing any of their advantages. They can also be washed with soap and water and some very diluted bleach.

At ImprentaOnline we also take care of the packaging process, so our screen-printed masks are sterilized by means of an ozone treatment before being packaged.

So if it's for safety you won't have to worry about anything. You only have to worry about sending us the design you want to appear on your mask. Trust us and we won't let you down. There are double-layer cotton and 100% polyester.

In impresiónOnline we want you to be able to buy your advertising masks through a simple process. Therefore, you will only have to follow the following steps to purchase them:

- Choice of model:
We have several models, each one with different details in terms of cutting, manufacturing, sizes, printing methods, approvals, etc. We detail some of the models:

Adult models sizes: Pablo, Piter, Tena, Rafa, Liriax, Nebul, Vurin, Gross.

Models child sizes: Pablito, Tena, Rafa, Galant, Fent, Gross (see section masks for schools and children)

Models that allow full color printing (sublimation): Pablo, Pablito, Rafa, Vurin, Gross.

Models that allow 1 ink screen printing: Liriax, Galant, Nebul, Tena.

Models that allow embroidery: Liriax, Galant, Nebul.

Masks with UNE 0065 2020 approval: Rafa, Tena, Gross.

- Customize:
Our masks can be personalized in several ways, some totally and others partially. The printing techniques are sublimation for color masks, 1 ink screen printing, or embroidery which also allows the printing of color masks. That is, you will only have to send us what you want to appear on your screen-printed masks, whether it is a text, an image, or a flag. Anything. You also have the option to choose them in white. That means, they come without customization. If you want to buy masks in bulk, we offer that option as well. It is an exceptional advertising gift.

- Quantity:
Once you have selected the previous steps, you will only have to select the quantity you need. Our orders start from 10 units up to a maximum of 10000 per order. If you need any specific quantity, do not hesitate to send us an email. Our team of experts will advise you and give you an estimate.

- Files:
You can attach your logo in point 3 of all products. A designer will make the adaptation and assembly. Afterwards, he will send it to you so that you can review it, give the okey or make the changes that you consider appropriate. Once confirmed, the design will be printed. There are models that can be printed 100% in these you can request a template so you can mount it 100% with your custom design. If you wish we can do it ourselves.



From imprentaOnline we want to raise awareness of the use of masks on a regular basis. Not only in view of the COVID-19 health crisis we are currently facing. In many cities the contamination levels are extremely high. Therefore we recommend the regular use for people who live in these cities and have respiratory problems.

Also our masks with logo are suitable for jobs where there are high concentrations of dust or other external agents that can damage our lungs when breathing. If you have a team of workers who need a mask, personalize yours with your company name and logo, so that all your workers can use them during their working hours.

We also have protective methacrylate screens, to improve protection at customer service points.

Do not hesitate to contact our team of experts to advise you on everything you need to know about our promotional masks. We stop this virus together.


The masks have an indisputable advertising use.

They cause a great visual impact and the option that they can be customized makes them a perfect element to turn the masks into an ideal promotional item for hotels, stores or to give away at events, conventions, concerts, etc.


Using these washable masks will not only serve to display your logo or brand when a user wears them, but also serve as a hygienic protection against exposure to suspended particles that could cause infections. In any case, they are not considered as PPE, even though they are those allowed by the Ministry of Health for daily use.

This type of health advertising gifts are currently very well seen by the customers of any type of company, especially those that provide a direct service to the public.


Resistance: They are wash resistant (25 washes) and can be reused, unlike disposable single-use masks. This means great savings for the user.

Protection: These personalized fabric masks are not considered as individual protection equipment, although due to their configuration they protect from particles in suspension from the environment. They serve to protect themselves partially as well as hygienically so as not to spread viruses.

Customizable: They can be customized in various colors and printing techniques. They are perfect for companies as well as for promoting their logo and improving branding. Also as an element of uniformity for sports teams or associations.

Easy to use: Each of the models we have are designed for easy and continuous use in the day to day. They are comfortable and easy to take off and put on.


In the washing machine we recommend that you wash them at about 60º in a normal one-hour cycle. They can be hand washed with very diluted bleach (1:50). You can also use virucidal products, there is a list of authorized products from the government (Ministry of Health) : Virucidal products authorized.

Placement of the personalized masks


With properly washed hands, place the mask on your face in the position where you feel comfortable above your nose, stretching the tires behind your ears. The bottom should be placed under the chin. Remove the mask in reverse.


Wash your hands with soap first. Remove it with your thumbs without touching the front. Then you must wash it with soap before putting it back on.


Nowadays (2020) it is mandatory to use hygienic or protective masks whenever we are outside our homes, in public places, stores, hotels, sport centers, etc. When you are on a terrace or inside a leisure area, you must wear them permanently except when you are drinking or eating. Fines for not using them are from 100 euros, depending on the risk to which you are exposed or on repeated infringements. The daily use is not regulated and it is not obligatory that they are homologated, although if they have some type of homologation it is always an added value. At imprentaonline.net we have personalized masks that have been approved and others that are in the process of being obtained, although they are always manufactured under the premises of the une 0065 2020 standard.


Mask that covers the mouth and nose to protect the breather, or those in their vicinity, from possible pathogens



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